MAXCORE Classic Series 3-Row Radiator

Apr 20th 2022

There are plenty of things to worry about -- hot days or red traffic lights shouldn't be one of them. Stop worrying about overheating and upgrade your cooling system with ACP's Maxcore Radiators. A fusion of classic styling and advanced construction for modern flair and maximum cooling. In life, there's more to look at than your just your temperature gauge.  Its what's inside that counts. ACP Radiators offer an exclusive 3-Row Maxcore design that maximizes the count of large-sized tubes for increased flow, generating higher cooling efficiency. When the larger tubes are paired with more fins, you get coolant passing though the radiator core effectively. Your engine will thank you. At a higher copper purity than the competition, ACP Maxcore Radiators are not only more efficient at transferring heat, but they are more durable when compared to other brands out in the mar