Restoring Your Ford Maverick

Nov 13th 2020

The Ford Maverick is sometimes overlooked within Ford’s esteemed catalog of classic vehicles, but Ford’s 1970 counter to smaller imports is finding its way back into the spotlight. While many Mustang parts will fit (albeit with some pesky modifications), we here at ACP have kept our ears to the ground, and paid attention to classic car enthusiasts from around the world.With that said, ACP has started to reproduce many of the hard-to-find parts that are specifically made for the Ford Maverick and in many cases fit the 70's Mercury Comet as well. As always, our parts are made to match or exceed OE-Correct standards in both look and fitment and offer a 100% product guarantee. AVAILABLE MAVERICK PARTS FROM ACP 70-72 BUMPER FRONT CHROME   FK-BB001 / D0DZ-17757-A 70-73 BUMPER REAR CHROME  FK-BB002 / D0DZ-17906-A 70-72 INNER/OUTER FRONT BUM