Easily Test Your Vehicle's Gauges

Easily Test Your Vehicle's Gauges

Jun 29th 2022

Now you can easily determine if the gauges in your car are working properly. The TL-GT001 Gauge Tester lets you verify the high, medium, and low reading for your gauges and also displays that the Instrument Voltage Regulator is working. Will work on any Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury with a 73-10 Ohm range from 1955 to 1986. Perfect for any toolbox!

Testing As Easy As 1-2-3

Simply hook the red lead up to the sender wire, and the black lead up to the ground, turn the key to the ACC or RUN/ON position and you’re ready to begin testing. If the gauge works -- you have a faulty sender. If the gauge doesn’t work -- you have a problem with your sender and/or wiring.

Power Test

Power light will flash when powered on if a mechanical voltage regulator controls your gauge cluster. If a solid state regulator has been installed as a replacement, the power light will illuminate without flashing.

Position 1 - High Oil Pressure, Hot Temp, Full Tank

The high reading for all gauges is the factory calibration point. The design of the gauge makes this the most precise indication of gauge function.

Position 2 - Mid Point

The mid point of the gauge is less precise than the high reading. The center line of the pointer should fall within 1/8th inch of the center line of the gauge.

Position 3 - Low Oil Pressure, Cold Temp, Empty Tank

The low point of the gauge is the least precise reading. Begin the test by observing the location of the pointer with the key off. When you turn the key on, the gauge pointer should rise to the low or empty marker.

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